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Welcome to a Collected Life

Col·​lect·​ed- To gather an accumulation of objects mindfully and consciously together as to engender a deep feeling of purpose, peace, and inspiration. To wake the sleeping, and send the awake into a dream like state.

The items, furnishings and even the clothing we wear surrounds us with memories. Memories of adventures taken, lessons learned and even items made with our own clever hands.  A visual diary of the journey each of us travel through life. Things, as well as places have a spirit and a soul, and a lively one at that.  It is our task to mingle both thought and memory to surround ourselves with the small joy of found treasures with the delight of saving up for the perfect item to capstone an outfit or room.

My home is more of a curiosity shop, telling deep stories in the curated corners of travels and second hands shops. Of flea markets and dumpster dives. China of my grandmother and the silver of my great-grandmother. Books in languages I cannot yet read. Trinkets and tools. Art made by friends. Clothes I made from vintage textiles. Jewelry of all levels of preciousness, from resin to pearl.

Mainstays  of my life are pieces from another time. Items of handcrafted glory made from family tradition will never go out of style because the materials are sincere, the staples of solid wood, solid metals and study craftsmanship.  The question is, ‘Does quality ever go out of style?’


Whether you collect Jadite glassware or Balkan Matryoshka dolls, give your treasures a time to shine. Your own personal museum of maximalist delight has many display  Like most displays opportunities in your home, think of various heights, cases and platforms. Wooden pedestals and glass cases can provide added dimension and also act to protect your valuables in a stylish way, think of a glass cloche over your grandfather’s old pocket watch. 

Aging to perfection

Furniture which shows its own history can be such a blessing to your household. For most homes furniture and even our flooring takes heavy use, whether children’s activities, pets, or boisterous dinner parties, our surfaces will be used, scraped, scratched, dented, loved and stained. The beauty of quality made pieces is that showing history is not a sin but more of a badge of pride. A life lived will never go out of style because of the celebration of ease associated with the activity of living it promoted. More dents are more dents. Try reclaimed wood pieces, such as a dining table or even salvaged wood plank flooring, pre-scratched furniture in a busy household will do wonders.


When objects have a purpose, albetit a far gone one, the appeal can still remain. Nostalgia is another strong source of inspiration which can allow your furniture and decor selections to remain almost timeless. These little bits of home or from your roots can create warmth of spirit and preserve memories for you. Try including an antique piece prized by your grandparents, or fill that dining room hutch with actual china that was your family’s. The whispers of you roots can go a long way toward preserving those family stories.

A Collected Life begins with selecting items which you love, without apology. Select items which have memories that should not be forgotten, positive memories or lessons learned, because your current thoughts of them are steadfast in delight and worthy of remembering.

Your collected life can begin with the Black Label Kollective.

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