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Design Trends for 2023

Although design trends change year over year, the pulse of 2023 for color selection, renovations, and furniture has a revival of texture, more emphasis on color, a softening and seeks greater intimate purpose in our homes.

What Renovations are the most popular

Slab backsplashes –  For the kitchen the slick and modern choice of a solid backsplash to match the countertop, whether a cultivated quartz or slab natural stone, the lack of grout lines has a glorious and seamless effect that simplifies your space with a luxurious touch. 

Wainscot & wood paneled detailing – The finishing touch for a room comes in treating the surface of your walls as a design opportunity. Wainscot wood paneling details classically applied as stained natural wood or painted adds so much interest to your home. And a bonus recommendation to finish the top half of your walls with a textured wall covering or wallpaper. 

What Decor and Furniture trends are the most popular

Vintage Furniture, lighting and textiles – The continuation of an eco-conscious mindset, moves beyond sustainably harvested wood products and low VOC paints to now encompass the true ‘upcycled’ interest of vintage furniture items.  I mean truly vintage items, not brand new items made to look old, or weathered wood ‘treatments’. Infusing your home with pieces revived, reupholstered and refinished gives you home a soul. Having vintage furniture in your home doesn’t mean adopting a shabby-chic or farmhouse style, it means second market for quality furniture items, the easy things used to be built. This comes as homeowners continue to move away from ‘fast furniture’.

What renovations will fall by the wayside?

Open concept Floor plans – Homes need places of intimacy, conversation and use case. Clear delineations of spaces and rooms of function are coming back. The open concept floor plan of taking down all walls is shifting. We all felt the limitation of the open concept floor plan over the last 2 years when all activities happened at home, work, children, etc. The feeling of open expansiveness in a home can be achieved without removing all the interior walls, by using smart furniture choices, appropriate sized appliances and tricks like a solid back-splash that eliminate the visual congestion of grout lines.

Gray… everywhere – The trend of stark gray and white will fall by the wayside in favor of creamy and soft neutrals and mixed natural textures. Every surface matching in a property will fall away in favor of the individual personality of a room in a harmonious whole. Think white washed floors, not grayed Oak, and a natural wood vanity instead of painted gray. Less clinical and more soft.

Which renovations be more this year?

Colored accent walls vs. colored furniture – While accent walls have come in out of fashion, 2022’s loud colored furniture revival will give way to soft neutrals, withe added adaptability of changing your accents colored walls or wall coverings. More planning for the longevity of design rather than the avocado green sofa.

Masculine Transitional vs Softer Neutrals – The black, white, and wood favored bathroom designs of 2021-2022 are losing their luster. Designs will lean away from matte black fixtures in favor of the softness of brushed brass or brushed bronze. We are not going back to travertine everywhere, but we are considering that mental ease can be achieved while still making a statement. Try creams, mossy greens, heavily textured tiles, natural elements and live stone over white subway tiles.

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