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Project Profile – Full Bathroom Renovation

1 Bedroom / 1.5 Bathroom, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sometimes spaces are very awkwardly designed, I have found this most often in conversions or lofts, where the goal is to keep an open concept as much as possible. The layout of this loft bathroom had the vanity space open to the rest of the bedroom, and the closed off the toilet and shower in a separate room. With the clever use of a new externally hung barn door, I was able to expand the bathroom footprint and combine the vanity with the shower and toilet area into one spacious room.


The loft would only be suited in the future vision to one person or a couple, the decision as made to remove the only bathtub from this home and convert to a walk-in curbless shower. With the interior walls now removed, the bathroom is larger and can accommodate a larger vanity also. The clean monochromatic design of bleached natural stone large format tile combined with a white textured back wall of the shower radiates a calm. The design is complemented by black fixtures and the softness of the natural wood vanity.


Featured Tile

Textured Hexagon Origami White

A subtle finish and pronounced pattern give these 12′ x 24″ ceramic tiles a different look at every glance. Rich colors and a 3-D pinstriped graphic that underlies flat, hexagonal and wave patterns add depth and character to any wall.

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