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Project Profile – Full Bathroom Renovation

3 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Home, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

What this family needed was a space to fit their height, with everyone over 6 feet tall some easy to manage fixes allowed them to be much more comfortable.


First the options were selected that allowed for height variation; ceiling mounted shower head, floating vanity, and wall mounted toilet. The height of all of these was adjusted to ever so slightly bring more comfort.

The opted to remove the bathtub, which was too short for even the average person, and add one large shower. Simple and clean shower area, with a large shampoo niche and shower wand. The continuous pattern of the bathroom and shower floors, add even more breathing room to this space.


Featured Tile

Rhombix Dove

Rhombix Dove Polished are modern geometric tiles in diamond shapes made of alternating gray and white marble with a polished finish. The modern design can be used for countertops, geometric floor tiles, and patterned wall tiles.

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