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With the goal to maximize rental revenue and make their Airbnb listing stand out from all the other listings in the area and price range, I completed a full apartment interior design scheme to make the apartment truly like a home away from home. The goal was to not only make the rental appealing to vacationers but also functional for business travelers.

A listing stands out from others when it is stylish, cohesive and does not radiate with overly personal items, yet still has personality. Tiny corners of items and decor that delight and let a person feel at home.

The pictures and paintings were found on the couple’s far-flung travels and guided the backbone of the design. The loft is filled with a collection of furniture, vintage pieces are paired with new. The soft touches of comfy beds and coffee machine highlight the at ease nature of possibilities as one can relax gazing at the garden out the window.

Listing Photos

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